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What and why?

At HolidayCheck we believe it is important to consciously and explicitly invest in people. We also believe that one of the best possible outputs to be generated by experienced Engineers are more experienced Engineers. This leads us directly to the our apprenticeship program:

The apprenticeship targets people with little professional experience but lots of potential. We want to harvest that potential and turn it into growth. Personal growth, professional growth and, last but not least, growth for HolidayCheck. Apprentices are fully compensated employees who will hopefully stay with us for a long time.

The Format

You will be hired by HolidayCheck as regular employee.

You will be teamed up with two of our experienced Software Crafters who will guide you along the way for a period of 6 months.

Together with your mentors you will devise an individual curriculum based on your interests and the six categories described below.

The program consists of 3 phases:

  • The Basics: A period of self study and improvement.
  • The Business: Throughout the program you will join different teams and learn about our product and infrastructure.
  • The Masterpiece: A project that makes use of everything you learned before, with the potential to have a positive impact on HolidayCheck.

The program ends with a graduation as a Software Crafter. After that you will join one of our product teams full-time to work on the HolidayCheck product.

What will you learn?

We give you frames, you paint the pictures


We want to be confident about our software. Build, change and delete code without fear. And for that, we need tests in place that can tell us when we mess up. You will learn how to write well crafted tests for well crafted Software in a way that will make you wonder how you could live without them.

Software Design

What is good design? How to organize this code and is the duplication you just noticed a problem? We don't have the ultimate answers but we can teach you how to ask the right questions in order to make informed decisions.


Good ideas are important. What is even more important is the ability to convey their value to others. You will learn how to communicate clearly and effectively by practicing in both oral and written form.

Agile Methods

Agile methodologies can help us get better at what we do, find our weaknesses and improve how we collaborate. You will make work more fun by applying them effectively.


We all learn differently. What's important is understanding how we learn. You will discover your own personal way of learning and use it everyday to improve your knowledge.


A Crafter's belt is full of tools. It's important to know the tools of our trade and which kind of problems they solve. You will add tools to your own belt and learn when to use them.

For whom?

For you?

Is this for you?

Our apprenticeship program aims at less experienced Software Developers, so we focus on potential over professional experience and behaviour over achievements.

Maybe you feel like you are only churning through work without gaining more knowledge and confidence in what you are doing. Making advancements is so much harder if you don’t have someone mentoring you - especially when you are only starting out in the tech world.

If you are looking for a way to kickstart your career then join us, go through the program and become a Software Crafter working at HolidayCheck.

Things we would like to see in you
  • You can solve problems in at least one Programming Language
  • You want to learn and improve yourself constantly
  • You are able to self-organize
  • You want to share your knowledge in- and outside the office
Things we don’t filter by
  • Degrees: Degrees are a privilege that we don’t base our decisions on
  • GitHub profile: Not everyone has time & energy to program in their spare time
  • Technology: We don’t expect knowledge in specific tools or frameworks
Things you will do after you graduated
  • join one of our cross-functional, self-organized product teams
  • write quality code using Scala, JavaScript/TypeScript, Nix, …
  • hone your skills in regular coding katas
  • try something new each second Friday during our Slackday
  • contribute to our blog – if you want to.
  • make parts of your work available on GitHub.

How to Apply

If you’re interested and want to apply, you need to prepare these two documents in English:

  • Your CV
  • A cover letter, but we don’t want something generic, one-size-fits all. We want to learn your motivations for the apprenticeship, and why we should be motivated to hire you

After a short delay you will be contacted with information on the next steps.

At the moment, all apprenticeship positions are covered. Stay Tuned!


Q: Will my salary be reduced in any way during the apprenticeship?

No, there will be no deductions. Neither during, nor after the completion of your apprenticeship.

Q: Will my contract be special in any way because of the apprenticeship?

No, it will be the same regular contract that any of our employee receives - apprentice or not.

Q: Is this the same as an intership?

No. An internship is a short-duration experience, usually seen as a requirement for students in order to graduate. An apprenticeship in HolidayCheck is an opportunity to get better at the craft, and join a team after it.

Q: I have more questions, where can I get answers?

You can reach us at

The Interview Process

In the process we want to learn if our expectations match, yours and ours. We want to learn about your motivation and align on our expectations for the apprenticeship. During the interview process we want to learn what you want to get out of the apprenticeship what we can provide by mentoring and helping you grow. Every step helps us to decide if we want to continue the process.

Application Review

After applying we will review your CV and cover letter. As mentioned above a cover letter is required, we want to learn about why you think the apprenticeship is right for you. Depending on the results of this first review we will decide if we want to proceed with the application process.

Online Interview

The first interview will be 1.5h where we introduce the company and want to get to know each other. We want to learn about motivations and your tech background, your ambitions and passion that led you to apply for the apprenticeship.

The Challenge

The second part will be a challenge that we send out, which you solve on your own and we review the code and will get back with a couple specific inputs, so you can improve and advance the code.

On-Site Interviews

In this step there will be a set of interviews in our offices. It will be one pair-programming, one with our "People.Team" (formerly known as HR) and two more that will be with people outside of tech, so we get the chance to learn about other views.

Final Decision

All interviewers from HolidayCheck will sit together and take the final decision, which will be passed on to you as soon as possible.

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